Diamond Rush




The classic Diamond Rush for Android


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Diamond Rush is a 2D puzzle and platform game that challenges you to walk inside super dangerous caves while you try to collect all the treasures hidden inside. The more precious stones you collect during your adventures, the better it is for you.

Controls in Diamond Rush are really easy to use: the virtual control stick lets you move your character from one side to another and the asterisk button lets you ‘commit suicide’ if you’re ever stuck. Taking into account that you’ll spend a lot of time moving rocks from one side to the other, you’ll probably get stuck a couple of times.

Diamond Rush includes more than 40 different levels that are full of dangerous obstacles: snakes, spiders, fire traps, rocks and much more.

Diamond Rush is a total classic of the old smartphones that has finally reached Android and has managed to keep all its charm.

Android 4.0.3 or greater is required

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